The ultimate Arc’teryx size guide

While outerwear exists as an expansive and quality-driven market, few brands rise above the others. One shining example of the cream of the crop would be Arc’teryx, a label known for its exceptional quality and stylish silhouettes.

Born in a basement in British Columbia, Arc’teryx is deeply rooted with hiking and climbing culture. despite the hype around the brand after collaborations with palace Skateboards and Beams, the brand is still very much rooted in created functional clothing for tackling the great outdoors.

While the brand is famed across both the outerwear and streetwear worlds, it’s worth noting it fits very different to the likes of The North face and Snow peak due to it’s focus on performance. because of this, we thought we’d give you a helping hand! here at The Sole Supplier, we’re all about bringing you the most accurate and up to date information, so we’ve asked our squad of menswear specialists for all their advice, tricks and tips when it comes to Arc’teryx sizing. If you’re thinking about buying a new piece, make sure to check out the guide below!

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How Does Arc’teryx Fit?

Generally speaking, Arc’teryx pieces will say they’re a regular fit but actually fit a fair bit slimmer than expected, (think about the slim outdoorsy/ climber builds many of their customers have). because of this, we recommend choosing your normal size if you don’t mind a slimmer fit or sizing up if you prefer a slightly oversized look.

The European sizing Arc’teryx use is slightly smaller than regular. just be aware that sizes might be a bit snug if you’re ordering online and don’t get a chance to try them on beforehand.
Arc’teryx jackets run from XXS – 3XL in men’s sizes and XS-2XL in women’s.
As usual with most brands, sizes can differ considerably between pieces. It’s always best to go using your measurements.
The jackets in particular have different purposes and so will vary in sizing dependent on their build. For instance, larger padded jackets are less likely to be able to fit layers underneath.

Arc’teryx jackets & coats Sizing

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Jack A, content Writer

My Arc’teryx jacket is probably one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. I wore it once when I was trekking up Snowdon and it kept me snug and cozy all the way to the top!
How does your Arc’teryx jacket fit?
My Arc’teryx Beta LT Gore-Tex jacket fits pretty snug. I don’t mind slim fitting clothes so I just stuck to my regular size and it’s great. I might struggle to get a super thick layer on underneath but light sweats and long-sleeves work great. Be sure to check if the jacket you like is meant to be worn on its own or with layers as some can be roomier than others.

Are Arc’teryx jackets comfortable?
Despite my Arc’teryx just being a shell jacket it’s pretty comfortable. An inner lining wouldn’t go amiss but I know other pieces come equipped with them! another bonus offer point is the GORE-TEX outer shell is both waterproof and wind resistant, ideal for those days with bad weather.

How do you style your Arc’teryx jacket?
I usually pair my Arc’teryx jacket with a neutral coloured t-shirt underneath so I can wear it open if need be. I then like to wear a pair of dark wash jeans on the lower with a classic pair of Nike ACG Mowabbs for the ultimate outdoor look!

Arc’teryx Fleece Sizing

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Adam, Head of News

Autumnal and winter layers don’t really get much better than my Arc’teryx fleece! It’s perfect for wearing on a walk or pitch side when I’m watching the football with the lads.
How does your Arc’teryx fleece fit?
My Arc’teryx fleece fits pretty snug, but that’s ideal for the purpose I’m using it for. having the fleece a bit more fitted gives a lot of extra warmth and a snug layer during the cooler weather really comes in clutch for those chilly days.

Est-il confortable?
It’s very comfortable in honesty. Arc’teryx might be a bit more expensive than other options on the market but you get what you pay for with this brand. In my experience, all the fabrics Arc’teryx use are both extremely comfortable and durable also so they’ll last you for years to come.

How do you style your Arc’teryx fleece?
I usually pair my Arc’teryx fleece with a pair of baggy cargos and a pair of Nike Dunks on the feet. In winter I like to layer my fleece with a heavier jacket just so I can keep warm on those harshly cold days.

Arc’teryx t-shirt Sizing

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Raph, content writer

My Arc’teryx t-shirt is one of my favourites in my rotation! It’s super lightweight and breathable making it ideal for wearing when exploring the great outdoors
How do Arc’teryx t-shirts fit?
Out of all the Arc’teryx pieces I’ve had previously, the t-shirts seem to fit most true to size. I just went for my regular size and it’s not too baggy or too tight.

Est-il confortable?
En ce qui concerneLes t-shirts vont, bien sûr! C’est définitivement l’un de mes favoris dans ma garde-robe. Il est à la fois léger et respirant, donc je le porte habituellement lorsque je suis dans le gymnase, en promenade ou tout simplement à la maison.

Comment le coiffez-vous?
Je coiffe mon t-shirt de logo arc’teryx avec un joli sursirt neutre et le laisser ouvert afin que vous puissiez voir l’impression poitrine. Sur la partie inférieure, je porte habituellement un pantalon ample dans une teinte neutre avec une paire de l’une de mes nombreuses Jordanes 1 sur les pieds.

Arc’teryx – le rond

Dans l’ensemble, l’arc’teryx s’adapte légèrement plus petit que vous pourriez vous attendre. Lors de l’achat, il est important de consulter tous les guides ou graphiques de tailles disponibles auprès du détaillant que vous achetez. Il est également tout aussi important de penser à quel but votre pièce sert si vous achetez une veste. S’il est rembourré, rappelez-vous, il est très peu probable que vous puissiez se superposer beaucoup en dessous, et si c’est léger, prenez soin de sélection de la sélection pertinente juste pour éviter que les choses soient trop biens ou longues dans les bras.

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